Stephanie | Maternity

BP_StephanieHolbert2Clearly, this summer has been the summer of Mama’s!! I think I have done more maternity sessions within a month than I have…ever! It’s been such a thrill for me because I absolutely LOVE maternity sessions! What I love about them is that it’s really about showing how much we love someone who isn’t even born yet. I tell each Mama-to-be that they are getting in front of my camera, not only to document such a special season of life, but also to show their baby one day “Hey look! This was me, before YOU! This was me before I knew how much one teeny tiny little soul like YOU could change my life for the better-forever!” 

I mean, I simply adore the photograph I have of my Mom where she’s pregnant with me. She’s absolutely miserable (that’s NOT why I love it, mind you!), she’s sweating in the dead middle of summer, the AC is probably out at the beach house, and she’s laying on this uncomfortable looking wicker couch (thank goodness they got rid of that thing before I came along!) and she’s probably hating life and rethinking that whole 2nd child thing. But that’s what I love about it. She’s enduring all this pain and going through so much…FOR ME!? How could I’ve gotten so lucky?! I’ve got one awesome Mama (Hi Mama, if you’re reading this!) and I just love looking at those photographs of her before I rocked her world! 

Now, granted-the Moms-to-be that I get the honor of photographing their maternity session …they’re not much in pain, sweating like crazy (although, it HAS been a hot summer!) or dreading their pregnancy throughout the session. It’s a sweet, natural, organic moment that we capture together. I just love it. It’s so simple. Nothing too crazy. Just Mom+sweet baby. Oh! I just get goosebumps thinking about it! What I’m most excited about before/during/after a maternity session is that I’m capturing & creating these images that their sweet baby will enjoy years down the road, just like I have with my own Mom.

Last night, I had the honor of photographing my new friend Stephanie at her maternity session.  This girl…oh my word! She’s absolutely stunning! (& she’s pretty bad@$$ if you ask me! The girl does body work on race cars and cars!! #girlpower!) She was so nervous about being in front of the camera, but it doesn’t show, does it?! I’m so happy that I was able to capture these sweet moments in her life, and I just know that her and Ryan will make such wonderful parents.  These two are just so in love with each other and support each other so much!

Oh! And get this! Stephanie and Ryan are having a little Baby Girl and they’re deciding on names for her! They’ve narrowed it down to….(drum roll please!)… Emily, Emma, or Evelyn!! Of course, my vote would go towards Emily or Emma…but what about YOUR vote?! What do you think they should name their sweet baby girl when she arrives in early October?!

BP_StephanieHolbert_0001 BP_StephanieHolbert3 BP_StephanieHolbert BP_StephanieHolbert_0003 BP_StephanieHolbert4 BP_StephanieHolbert_0004 BP_StephanieHolbert5 BP_StephanieHolbert_0002

Stephanie+Ryan– It was an absolute honor to photograph you both! I had the joy of getting to know you two and I’m so glad I was able to capture a sweet love story-one of your love together and the love you have so much already for your sweet baby girl who you both will welcome very soon! Soak up every moment left of this pregnancy & enjoy every second of your life together before Baby E makes her grand entrance into this world! It was fabulous! Can’t wait to meet sweet Baby E! XOX!-Emma Loo 

The TenHaaf’s | Family Session

BP_LoriAnne_Family_0001A couple of weekends ago, I had so much fun photographing this sweet family in a short little session! No seriously, we shot these images in about five minutes!! Lori Anne (& the rest of her gang!) are neighbors with my sister and “brother-in-love”, and I swear y’all…Lori Anne is quite an awesome friend to have in your friends list! She’s SO sweet, would do ANYTHING for you, and just such an amazing woman!

I was so happy when she asked me to grab a couple family photos of her sweet family and just so honored to do it! We even grabbed a couple shots of Miss. Abigail since she’s a rising high school senior! We had a great time and we’ll have to do it again real soon! {Those boys are just growing WAY too fast!} BP_LoriAnne_Family_0002 BP_LoriAnne_Family BP_LoriAnne_Family_0003 BP_LoriAnne_Family_0004

Gina | Maternity Session

BP_GinaMaternity0002I’m just so stinkin’ excited for Gina and her beau Ben! Both Gina and Ben are becoming first time parents very soon {due November 9th!} to a baby boy named…wait for it….(cutest name ever!)…LEO!

Gina is BFF’s with my friend Stephanie, who just so happened became a new mommy a little over a week ago! So these BFF’s were pregnant at the SAME TIME!! {You can see Stephanie’s Maternity session here!}

AND! It gets even better! They’re both BOYS! How cool is that?!

{Oh! And did I mention, that BOTH DADS are named BEN!?}

I couldn’t be happier for Gina+Ben! I know these two will make pretty awesome parents, and little Leo will be sure to have one silly sense of humor! {If he’s anything like his Daddy, he’s gonna keep people laughing for days! :) }

BP_GinaMaternity5 BP_GinaMaternity3 BP_GinaMaternity1 BP_GinaMaternity0003 BP_GinaMaternity0001 BP_GinaMaternity2 BP_GinaMaternity4

Gina+Ben!– You guys seriously crack me up! I know you two will rock this parenting thing and little Leo will be one awesome kid! I wish you two simply the best, a safe & healthy labor/delivery, and a lifetime of sweet, sweet memories with your little boy! XO-Emma Loo

Amanda+Steve | Mini-Engagement Session

The pressure is always on high when I’m photographing people that I know…especially those who are near and dear to my heart!

Sweet Amanda is just that.

Amanda and I grew up together, lived a couple doors down from each other, rode bikes throughout our neighborhood, played Barbies together, tacked into our creative side and made tape purses together, and being two years older than I was, Amanda drove me to school my first two years of high school.  So I have to give Amanda props for making me one of the “cool kids” by not having to ride the bus every morning my freshman year.

When Amanda contacted me with interest of booking me as her and Steve’s wedding day photographer-I WAS THRILLED! (but again-pressure is on!) Amanda and Steve are getting married December 4th of this year in downtown Raleigh, NC.  They originally had plans for a June 2016 wedding, however they had to move their wedding up to December because Steve received orders to move to Korea for the next two years! {Steve’s in the Army & absolutely LOVES it!} While Amanda & Steve are on the “fast track” to their wedding day, we thought we’d get together last Saturday morning for a short 15 minute engagement session before their end of September session we had originally planned.  It all worked out for the best because Amanda and Steve celebrated with their family and friends this past Saturday night at their engagement party…and I’d like to think that our little mini-engagement session put them in the partying mood!

I simply can’t wait to travel to Raleigh to greet them and officially have their engagement session throughout the streets of downtown! (My only stipulation y’all is that you take me back to Beasley’s Chicken+Honey while we’re there!)

BP_AmandaSteve1 BP_AmandaSteve3 BP_AmandaSteve2 BP_AmandaSteve5 BP_AmandaSteve4

Amanda+Steve-It was so great to spend our Saturday morning together! Steve, you are too precious & I’m SO happy that Amanda has found such a wonderful guy to call her Husband-to-be! Amanda, YOU my dear are simply gorgeous! Inside & out! I am honored that I get to capture your love story & I’m just so anxious to be a part of one of your most exciting chapters of your life! Thank you! Much love to you both! XO-Emma Loo 

Back 2 School!

Summer is coming to an end so that means it’s back to school time! Savannah, my 5 year old niece, is entering into Kindergarten this year! I couldn’t be happier for her…but bless…doesn’t time just fly by!? Where on earth has the time gone?! It seems like it was only yesterday that she was just an infant in my arms! {When I have my very own children, I don’t know how I’m going to handle this!!}

Savannah is one of the reasons why I began photography in the first place.  I had bought my camera a little before she was born, and it was being around her and taking pictures of her always that gave me lots and lots of practice behind the camera.  In fact, Savannah has been so used to taking pictures {because she’s always had an “Auntie Em” that photographs!} that SHE’S the one asking to do mini photo sessions now!! There are a few times even that a temper tantrum has been avoided because I have told her that we could “go outside and take some pictures!”

Savannah started Kindergarten today and I realized just how much this little girl has touched my life, inspired me beyond belief, and driven me to follow my passion! She’s a pretty powerful little 5 year old if you ask me!

I hope you had a terrific first day of Kindergarten Savvy J! Your Auntie Em loves you so so much! SavannahFirstDay5 SavannahFirstDay3 Savannah_FirstDaySavannahFirstDay2